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Outshine, outsmart, outfence with star fencing

We offer foil fencing classes, private lessons, seasonal camps, clinics, and events seven days a week, welcoming fencers of all ages and skill levels to a safe, fun, and supportive environment.

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Welcome to Star Fencing Academy

As New England's leading fencing academy, Star Fencing provides world-class coaching, nurturing skills, mental toughness, and confidence in the students. Our expertly designed training program, backed by years of experience, has guided numerous students to Regional, National, Junior Olympic, World Cups and World Championships titles. Conveniently located in Needham, MA, which is near Highway 95 and Route 9, our 5000 sq. ft. facility, surrounded by a variety of amenities, and 12 state of the art electrical fencing strips. 

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Our Students at Elite schools

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Our Popular Courses

Star Fencing Academy offers classes ranging from beginner to advanced levels, with a coaching team comprising seven regular coaches, including Kai Zhao, Shuang Meng, Tamer Tahoun, Sergei Byk, Anthony Zhang, Mohamed Hassan and Bin Huang. These experienced coaches have successfully guided their students to win over 300 National Medals and 50 International Medals, spanning prestigious events like the North American Cup, National Championships, World Cup, and World Championships, ensuring dedicated attention during practices and competitions.

Youth Intermediate Class


2 Classes/Week, 90 Minutes Each

Youth Competitive Class


2 Classes/Week, 90 Minutes Each

Competitive Class


3 Classes/Week, 90 Minutes Each

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Why Us

Star Fencing World Class- coaches are highly accomplished, embody the quintessential qualities of exceptional fencing coaches. Their combined expertise has led to an unparalleled training program that fosters teamwork, personal growth, and remarkable on-strip performance. Their magical ability to guide students, alongside the strong coach-student relationships at SFA, consistently propels their athletes to top rankings in national and international foil fencing.


Elite Coaching and Cutting-Edge Training Facilities

SFA offers elite coaching with exceptional national and international results, focusing on refining technical, tactical skills, and mental attitude, within a state-of-the-art facility featuring 12 world-class fencing electric metal strips and armoring services.

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Supportive and Welcoming Environment

SFA nurtures a supportive and welcoming community where teamwork flourishes, newcomers quickly form friendships, and a positive atmosphere encourages growth; many fencers consider the club their second home.

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Comprehensive Training Programs

SFA offers comprehensive training programs including free beginner equipment, coaching across local and international tournaments, in-house competitions, and a welcoming atmosphere for fencers of all levels.

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Comfort and Exceptional Amenities

SFA's facility provides ample seating, Wi-Fi for parents, and a climate-controlled environment, ensuring comfort in all seasons; convenient parking adds to the hassle-free experience.

National Team

Daniel Zhang

National Cadet team 


Daniel Zhang

National Junior team 

National Cadet team 


Daniel Zhang

National Junior team 


Daniel Zhang

National Junior team 

Emily Jing 

National Junior team

National Cadet team 

Castor Kao

National Cadet team 

Mostafa Tahoun  

Egyptian National Junior team 

Egyptian National Cadet team 

 College Placement 

Samantha Shortall Brandies University 


Adam Yang

Boston College 

Kevin Liu

Boston College 

Charles Tian

Williams College 


Diran Jimenez

Johns Hopkins University 

Nathaniel Boutin

Northeastern University 

Julian Sutaria

Tufts University 


Daniel Zhang

Harvard University 

Linda He 

Harvard University

Sophia Shen

Duke University 

Eric Pan

Yale University 

Jamine Yu

Stanford University 

Sean Dong

Brandies University 

Chris Bao

Tufts UNiversity 

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